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E-forms in English

Erasmus+/ YIA: reference documents, guide and e-forms


  • Register your organisation on ECAS and the Participant Portal, if not already registered
  • Right-click the forms and choose Save As... to save a local copy that you can work on.
  • Use this technical guide for completing application e-forms published by the Commission
  • Use this distance calculator to work out grant support for travel costs in the Erasmus+ Programme. Based on the distance expressed in km, select the corresponding distance band in application and report forms.


Do not use version 2015.008 (15.8) of Adobe Acrobat Reader (which has a confirmed bug).  Please use an earlier version of the Acrobat Reader (i.e. version 2015.007 (15.7) or earlier) until a new, corrected version of the Acrobat Reader becomes available.

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